The Class Black Pack

Leef and Co. “Class Black Pack”

  Our, “Class Black Pack” has been created with a variety of inspiration despite the removal of all color spectrums.  We chose black for its relationship with luxury.  We chose black for the way it highlights texture.   We chose black because it’s trill.  We replaced the color in, “Loud” for a non-traditional way to set you apart.  Instead, there are six individual goods that have had countless hours spent cultivating stand out pieces – None have which been duplicated before, nor will be in the future.  The intro of new precious metals accentuate black like they were meant to be together.   Innovating from our Roots has the, “Class Black Pack” as one of the most anticipated capsules of our time.  It’s easily understandable that black will make an impact in the colors of spring.  Just in time for the Smoker’s Holiday, and right before we take in Summer, this is the, “Class Black Pack.”

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