" From the Playground "

    As we launched out of Winter into Spring, I searched for inspirations all over the place for the new line.  It wasn't until I was driving home the same way I do everyday when I realized where the roots of our Spring line would come from.  I drove by my childhood elementary school and looked over at all the children, careless and free, playing at recess.  If you were the kind of student I was, this was the best part of school everyday.  The chance to run out into the sun when the bell rang and forget about what we were currently doing in class that I hated.   This train of thought only brought back great memories.  Even after I left that school, I always found myself back there at that same playground.  Whether if it was with homies smoking a blunt, or going back on my own when I needed to get away from the house. The playground represented a safe haven for myself to escape for a little and be free.  I spoke with a lot of other acquaintances who agreed with me and had stories of their own to tell of the good times at the playground.   I believe the colors, textures, and designs of all playgrounds were made to bring those emotions out of children. We incorporated all those things into Spring delivery 1 and we hope you enjoy them.

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